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We want to be a safe place for you and all those you serve and shepherd to bring success and victory to your members…

Life is filled with challenges that sometimes leave us feeling stuck and misunderstood, causing distress and despair. Feelings of loneliness even when surrounded by loved ones, anxiety that keeps you awake at night, unresolved conflicts that make home feel like a battlefield, and past traumas that continue to haunt your present...these all make life seem unbearable.

Church Partnerships

What does Partnering with Loving Truth Counseling look like?

Our partnership goal at Loving Truth Counseling is to walk in unity with you and the Holy Spirit to support, help, heal and care for the hearts, minds and souls of your members and God’s people. By doing this through the loving truth of the bible that will lead your flock to God’s restorative healing, selfless living, redemption and transformation that only can be found in the person of Christ.


  • Customized packages – to meet your church’s needs and uniqueness
  • Cost savings – discounts off standard session fees for church referrals
  • Cooperative care – open lines of communication @ members care process and status.
  • Specialized counseling -without the cost of an extensive counseling staff – our counselors cover a variety of specialty areas.
  • Lightened load from the burden of counseling -freeing up valuable time, resources and ability to church staff
  • Direct access to us –individuals can schedule their own appointments directly on our portal.
  • Member confidentiality -ability for your members to seek counseling for sensitive issues hard to discuss within the church walls.

Care Cooperation

Partnering with Loving Truth Counseling expands your church’s counseling arm to include all our services, expertise and resources for all the sheep you love and care for. By no means does Loving Truth counseling replace the local church or in-person community, instead it is an incredible supplement to support all ministries.

  • We encourage clients to be vital participants in their local church and to develop Christ centered relationships.
  • When appropriate with permission from the client, we consult with church leaders to provide appropriate and confidential updates on goals and challenges.
  • When helpful and with a client’s permission, we allow advocates from their church or organization to be part of counseling so that they are in turn better equipped to care for them.

Cost Sharing

Loving Truth Counseling understands that some members may not be able to take on the financial burden of counseling services. So by coming together all parties, in mutual agreement, can partner in sharing the financial cost of the services rendered. Having each party a part of the financial process:

Church or Ministry Entity Budgetary Options

  • Underwrite all session costs:
  • Pre-Paid sessions – Discounted rates would be determined based upon a church’s or ministry entity’s anticipated need. An estimated number of individuals or couples will be determined and then directed to our services within a 1 month or 12 month period. Pre-Paid discounted sessions would be purchased. Unused sessions can carry over to the the next month or year, depending on the agreement. Flexibility to add additional sessions throughout the month or year as needed.
  • Pay-as-you-Go sessions – A pay as you go plan would also be available but at full rates.
  • Underwrite a percentage of session costs:
  • A church or ministry entity acts similar to a health insurer by covering a portion of costs.
  • For unlimited sessions or a set number of sessions.
  • Allocate sessions to individuals or couples as you see fit.
  • The individual or couple pay the remaining out of pocket costs for each session, unless another church or ministry entity decides to underwrite the outstanding costs.

Church Partners

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss what partnerships can look like for your church. Together, we will customize a partnership package to fit the unique wants of your church and tailor it to meet the needs of your congregation.

Expertise of Loving Truth Counseling:




Conflict Resolution  




Life Skills

Marriage ministry







Mindset & Personal Development

Personality Assessments

Life Purpose


Wellness Coaching

Women’s Ministry

Biblical Coaching

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