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Our Journey

Dan who can be a guide on the journey to emotional healing and self-discovery, has been married for 23 wonderful and challenging years. His family has grown together in a cozy home in Cuyahoga Falls, which has grown from a family of two into a bustling household of six.

Like any family, we've experienced our share of tumult - the trials and tribulations of navigating adulthood and marriage, raising children, and juggling daily life. These struggles led to years of pain, frustration, loneliness, and disappointment. Despite our shared love for Jesus, we struggled to communicate effectively and to express love to one another amidst the chaos of daily life.

That's when God led us to Life Skills International, an incredible healing program that transformed our lives. Through this program, we were able to delve deep into the root causes of our individual issues, healing from within, and witnessing the positive ripple effect it had on our marriage and family. We've since become trained facilitators of the program, with Dan taking on the role of Director of the local Grace Life Skills Center in 2021. Inspired by this journey, Dan has also achieved a Master's degree in Pastoral Biblical counseling, driven by his passion to see individuals and marriages strengthened and restored.

Our Office

Our counseling office, located in the serene neighborhood of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, is a sanctuary of healing and transformation. Designed with warmth and comfort in mind, it provides a secure and inviting space for open exploration of emotions.

Every detail from lighting to furnishings is tailored for a positive therapeutic experience, ensuring privacy and comfort. We also offer flexible remote sessions via reliable telehealth tools for those unable to visit in person.


Meet Dan

Dan is a beacon of compassion, emotional intelligence, and integrity. He's often described by clients as approachable, instilling a sense of ease with his authenticity and genuine care. As a testament to his journey of grace, Dan embodies a relatable understanding of life's struggles, helping others to navigate their own paths with empathy and guidance.

His talent for identifying the root causes of individual pain is only surpassed by his ability to guide people through processing their pain with purpose. Dan's listening skills and loving servant's heart create a safe, validating environment where clients often express feeling truly heard for the first time.

Passionate about glorifying God in our relationships through selfless living, Dan seeks to empower individuals to discover their true identity and freedom in Jesus Christ. He firmly believes that our value is irrevocably set through God's Son Jesus, which serves as a strong foundation for all his counseling services.

Dan offers counsel to individuals, couples (both married and pre-married), and families. His areas of specialization include Anger, Rejection, Anxiety/Depression, Trauma, Addiction, and Infidelity.

Whether you're wrestling with personal issues or seeking guidance to strengthen your relationships, Dan and Liz are here to walk the journey with you, offering wisdom gleaned from their own experiences, professional training, and faith in God's transformative power.


Meet Lisa

Lisa Kocab, a certified pastoral counselor and life coach, has been enriching lives at Loving Truth Counseling with her dedicated service. She holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University, bringing extensive experience from her time at The Chapel Nordonia and Hope Community Church.

Lisa's approach to wellness is holistic, weaving together Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Financial aspects. Her passion lies in promoting healing, restoration, and transformation through faith and the power of the Holy Spirit.

She specializes in spiritual formation, heart transformation, and personal development, with significant expertise in marriage coaching, pre-marriage mentoring, conflict resolution, and life transitions. As a certified SYMBIS marriage facilitator, Lisa is committed to nurturing healthy relationships.

Currently, she's pursuing further training in Theotherapy, a Christian counseling healing ministry. Lisa lives by the concept of "intentional selfless living," reflecting Christ's teachings in her work.

Lisa's mission at Loving Truth Counseling is to foster change, glorify God's design, and contribute to the betterment of our clients' lives. Her dedication to service makes her a crucial part of our team.


Meet Jahayra

Jahayra is a graduated Minister who is bilingual in Spanish and English and has been helping others since 2005. Counseling first grabbed her attention when she needed it and she was able

to seek help. She learned that a life of total health is possible when you take the correct approach to it.

Jahayra is pursuing a Doctorate of Christian Counseling M.C.C. at Light of Faith Christian Bible Institute as well as a Doctorate of Ministry D.M. She holds a Master of Ministry M.M. and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico where Theology became her biggest passion. This passion allowed her to be a professor of Theology at Our Lady of the Elms High School.

She is enthusiastic to see people and families thriving. She will be diving into the stresses in someone's life and helping identify what to do with them. She will use counseling techniques and the intervention of the Holy Spirit to create changes that will make a forever-lasting impact.

Cultural diversity and hospitality are some of her qualities. Jahayra’s mission is to help others practice healthy living and self-control so they can be more effective in their daily walk and their relationships with others. If you are troubled with depression, bitterness, loneliness, or feeling broken, God has a plan for healing and Jahayra will help you discover it!

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